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Concise reports with valuable insight. Property Analysis, Land Use Analysis, Entitlement Strategy, Highest & Best Use Studies, Residual Land Value Analysis and Review of Historic Resources.

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A to Z land use entitlements for developers and owners including Subdivisions, Small Lots, Condo Conversions, Adjustments, Conditional Use Permits, Zone Changes and General Plan Amendments and Specific Plan Permits.

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A to Z processing for permits needed for new construction and changes of use. We also clear conditions, process paperwork required by the California BRE, and we can resolve Orders to Comply.

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About Us

Our team is made up of highly trained and respected experts who have developed long standing relationships with key staff in Planning, Building & Safety, Development Services and Community Development Departments as well as elected officials and Council staff in various cities across Southern California. These strong ties help with not just approvals of discretionary processes, but also to gain expedited and efficient processing of tract maps and building permits… Read More





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Why Land Use Developers Corp.

  • You need expert land use consultants who understand your needs in real estate development and investment.
  • You need us to add value to your project.
  • We are that rarity you need: A full-service, A to Z pre and post development firm.
  • We cater to both large and small clients as well as public entities.
  • We have serviced more than 2 million square feet of commercial properties, 2500 residential units and over 300 acres of in-fill development.
  • You need an adaptive partner that can always shape their services to fit your needs.
  • Our team has a 100% success record in land use approvals. A track record you need on your side.



Dec 2015


Tips to getting entitlements approved for your development project:

Well executed land use entitlements can make the difference between a successful project and an unprofitable project. Entitlement applications to the local City or County can increase....


Dec 2015


Discretionary Entitlements: Variances, Adjustments, Zoning Administrator Determinations and CUPs

We know life isn’t fair. Unfortunately, zoning isn’t either. The numerous zoning policies on the books often affect each of the thousands of parcels...


Nov 2015


Subdivisions Help Cities Offer Opportunities for Ownership

As our population grows, either through in migration or from new births, cities must find ways to accommodate that growth. Along with providing expanded utility infrastructure, schools....


Nov 2015


Land Use Feasibility Analysis

The prudent first step in evaluating a property, either for purchase or for development, is to find out the land use and zoning limitations as well as uncovering hidden value. In addition to uncovering lurking “land mines”...


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Thank you so much for everything you have done for PACE through this process. You have really made this easier than I could have ever thought it would be!…Read More

I engaged Land Use Developers for a challenging assignment: To establish how a novel building use could be implemented in full compliance with Los Angeles planning ….Read More

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