Land Use Developers Corp. are expert land use consultants that provide a full-line of pre-development services for real estate projects in Southern California. We manage and perform each phase of the development process for our clients, from feasibility and due diligence, to entitlement processing and working with engineers and consultants, to building permit expediting, clearing conditions of approval and securing Bureau of Real Estate reports.  

Project Feasibility & Due Diligence:

Broker Opinion of Value
Feasibility Report
Financial Analysis-Residual Value of Land
Highest & Best Use Analysis
Historical Preservation
Land Use Analysis
Land Use Consultation
Land Use Project Management
Permit Finder
Property Records Research

Real Estate Development Services:

Project Entitlements
Project Evaluation
Project Expediting and Permitting
Project Management
Project Research


City Official Representation
Commission Representation
Community Outreach
Council Meeting Representation
Council Member Representation
Hearing Representation
Neighborhood Council Representation
Planning Representation

Technical Reports & Site Preparation:

Acoustical Reports
Environmental Studies
Radius Map
Subdivision Tax Bond


Affordable Housing Processing
Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) Coordination
Density Bonus Processing
Tenant Relocation Assistance Processing

Entitlement Processing & Planning Approvals
(Residential and Commercial):

Coastal Development Permit Processing
Conditional Use Permits
Condo Conversion
Density Bonus Application Processing
Eldercare Facility Unified Permit (ELD) Processing
Final Parcel Map Processing
Final Tract Map Processing
General Plan Amendments
Lot Line Adjustments Processing
Parcel Map Extensions
Parcel Map Condition Clearing
Site Plan Review
Small Lot Subdivision
Specific Plan Permits, Adjustments, Exceptions, Amendments
Subdivisions (Tract Map, Parcel Map)
Tract Map Condition Clearing
Tract Map Extensions

Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Affordable Housing Application Processing
Zone Changes
Zoning Administrator Determination

Permitting & Expediting:

Alcohol Permits
Building Permits
Certificates of Occupancy
Changes of Use
Clearing Conditions
Coastal Development Permit
Orders to Comply
Permit Processing
Use Permits

Streets & Actions in the Public Right of Way:

A Permit Processing
B Permit Processing
Revocable Permits
Street Vacation
Street Widening

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