subdivisions-1As our population grows, either through in migration or from new births, cities must find ways to accommodate that growth. Along with providing expanded utility infrastructure, schools, and services, more people means more use of the same land.

Subdivision is the legal process by which land gets divided up into smaller parts, either in two dimensions with increasingly smaller lots, or in 3-D with subdivided airspace. The outcome is more opportunities for ownership available to more people. The city accommodates more people with more supply of land ownership, new arrivals benefit from the increased choices of places to live and invest, and the subdividing landowner realizes the increased value that the parcel has enjoyed as the city grew up around the land over the years.

What are Tract and Parcel Maps?

In California, subdivisions are regulated by the Subdivision Map Act. Under the Act, a Parcel Map is the legal and graphical document required for a subdivision of land into 2-4 parcels whereas a Tract Map is the corresponding document required for a subdivision of land into 5 or more parcels.

The process of subdividing land is complex, requiring an initial, “Tentative” Map to be approved by a Planning-led decision making body called the Advisory Agency, followed later by a “Final” Map once all conditions have been “cleared” by various city departments and agencies. The process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on the complexity, however, the rewards to both the subdivider and the buyers can be tremendous.

Other state and local laws allow a variety of subdivisions designed for different types of ownership. These range from fee simple ownership of ground lots or small-lot townhouse development without common areas to condominium ownership for single family homes, townhouses or multifamily development with CC&Rs.

Why Would You Consider a Subdivision?

subdivisions-2In most cases, your property will be more valuable per square foot after a subdivision. Although you can create a handsome return from the process, you are also helping to add to the supply of housing and ultimately help the metro area as a whole become more affordable through increased housing options. This is a true “double bottom line” for which the trade off is the cost and time of the subdivision itself. However, the right subdivision consultant can streamline that process and get you closer to a project that will pay dividends for both subdivider and future buyers. Together with Land Use Developers, we can develop high quality housing on land at a lower cost per-square foot within reach of more families.

What can Land Use Developers Do for You?

Our team of expert and well-versed land use project management professionals will walk you through the process of developing plans for your subdivision. We believe that by including you in every critical step of the process, you will feel much more confident about the feasibility of the process and the value that can be created. Land Use Developers, through our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers, will assist you from A to Z.

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